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Guido Emilio  Tonelli
Professore Ordinario presso il Dipartimento di Fisica
Settore scientifico disciplinare: Fisica Sperimentale FIS/01


telefono: 050 2214388 - 00393487274421
fax: 050 2214317
indirizzo della sede ufficiale: LARGO BRUNO PONTECORVO, 3 56127 PISA 


Personal Information
Born: Casola in Lunigiana (MS) Italy, 8 November 1950. Nationality: Italian
Current address: 3 Via Calabria 56124 Pisa (Italy)
Current job: Full Professor, University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy.
Contacts: Home +39050576401; Mobile +41764872594; E-mail Guido.Tonelli@pi.infn.it

Education and Academic Experience
1975: Ph. D. (‘Laurea cum laude’) in Physics, University of Pisa.
1976: Research Contract of the Ministry of Research and Education, University of Pisa.
1980: Permanent position as Physics Researcher, University of Pisa.
1992: Associate Professor in Physics, University of Sassari, Italy.
1996: Associate Professor in General Physics, University of Pisa.
1999: Full Professor in General Physics, University of Pisa.

Invited lecturer in many Advanced Courses and International Schools. Among them: SLAC Summer School, ICFA International School on High Energy Physics, INFN School on Advanced Detectors, Winter School on Hadronic Physics, International School on Modern Physics, CHIPP Winter School, ICTP Summer School on Physics, ITEP Winter School, Seminario Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare e Sub-Nucleare, Corfu School and Workshop etc.

Research activity

1976-1984: NA1/NA7, fixed target experiments at the CERN North Area. The experiment was a typical fixed target spectrometer based on a series of forward analyzing magnets, tracking chambers, and Cerenkov and shower counters. The mechanism of coherent diffractive photo production was used to produce charmed mesons on an active target and to measure their lifetimes and branching ratios with high precision.

1981-1987: CDF, general-purpose experiment at the Fermilab Tevatron Collider. The original scope of CDF was to exploit the proton anti-proton collisions, which were produced at the highest center of mass energy available at that time in the world. The program included measuring the elastic and total cross section, studies of QCD, measurements of the properties of the intermediate vector bosons W and Z, searching for the top quark, and looking for phenomena beyond the Standard Model (SM).

1985-1999: ALEPH, general-purpose experiment for the LEP collider at CERN. The most important physics results of Aleph have been the determination of the number of light neutrinos families, precise measurements of the mass and width of the Z and later, with LEPII running at a higher center of mass energy, accurate determination of the W mass.

1993 to present: CMS, a general-purpose experiment at the CERN LHC. In 1995 I was appointed as Project Manager of the Silicon Strip Tracker. In 2007 I was appointed Deputy Spokesperson of the experiment and in March 2009 CMS Spokesperson for the years 2010-2011.

During the years of participation in CMS I contributed mainly to the construction of the Silicon Strip Tracker, the development of modern track reconstruction algorithms, b and τ-tagging algorithms for HLT, and key parts of the physics program of CMS. During my mandate as Spokesperson I led successfully the search for the SM Higgs boson. On December 13, 2011, together with Fabiola Gianotti, ATLAS Spokesperson, I presented in a special seminar at CERN the first evidence of the presence of the Higgs boson around a mass of 125 GeV/c2. The 125GeV signal will appear again in the new data collected in spring 2012, and, combining the 7 TeV 2011 data with the 8TeV, 2012 data, the statistical significance of the signal reached the conventional 5 sigma threshold needed to announce a new discovery. Therefore, on July 4, 2012, the ATLAS and CMS experiments announced formally the observation of a new Higgs-like boson at LHC.

Main Honors and Awards
Commendatore of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic for his contribution to the discovery of a new, Higgs-like particle at the LHC.
Special Fundamental Physics Prize 2012 "for his leadership role in the endeavour that led to the discovery of the new Higgs-like particle".
Enrico Fermi Prize 2013

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